The type of art I make is not exactly the usual colourful landscapes or portraits that you’d associate with sunny South Africa. My art leans heavily toward the Dark Art and Lowbrow movements, nestled under the blanket term: Surrealism. The befitting way I classify my art is by the term: Bewitching Decomposition.


For the most part, my art is representational, which means each creature / organism is still recognizable within its surreal situation.  All my pieces deal with some form of decay, or transformation. My work is also laced with esoteric and folklore undertones. Some works deal more with the human body (parts thereof) and various forms of its journey through life and death. In my Anatomy in Destruction series, I depict disintegration in the form of four senses: the brain for thought, an eyeball for sight, a hand for touch, and the heart for emotions.


Other artworks represent fauna and flora in various surreal transitions of decay. The idea of nature being a living entity that we can deify is something that I believe has merit. These themes can easily be seen in my works Yggdrasil, Noise Bird, El Cucuy, to name but a few. Literature and popular culture also play a role in inspiring my art. This can be seen in La Muerte, Bellum Lepidoptera, and The Infernal Lucanus.


Pain is another recurring theme. Each creature exhibits some form of pain, whether it’s emotional or physical. This is greatly due to my battle with depression and chronic illness. By airing it out onto a canvas or a sheet of paper I hope to transform my pain into something poignant.


When I’m not creating art, you’re most likely to find me hunched over my laptop busy with graphic design, or underneath a tree trying to capture the perfect photo of a fallen leaf. You can also be sure my little cat is close-by, silently enjoying my company.