The Magic of a Paint Brush
September 17, 2019. by

I’ve never been an art supply snob, I’ve always used the tools I had at my disposal or those I could afford. The humblest ballpoint pen; the most basic...

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Nature Macabre
August 19, 2019. by

Imagine taking a bite out of an apple only to have sharp bones lodge into your gums: absolute horror. Maybe in the not-so-distant future it’s not so fanciful, now...

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Bellum Lepidoptera
July 25, 2019. by

If you turn on the news all you see is natural disasters, protests, famine, war, political BS, racism, bombs, and rage all-round. Yes, I can undoubtedly say that we...

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La Muerte
February 12, 2019. by

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Caged Bird
February 5, 2019. by

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