La Muerte

February 12, 2019. by

The Lady Skeleton is inspired by a beautiful cameo necklace I purchased from local alternative boutique Deviant South, by the name of Madame Squelette. I even bought her likeness in the form of an elegant choker, ear rings and a glorious locket. She is so breathtaking that I felt compelled to draw her in pencil, paint her in acrylics and now she had to be brought to life in oils.

I wanted to give her more human features but kept her eye sockets empty and dark. I played with contrasting textures but within the same colour range.

I was greatly moved by the stormy compositions of Jean Sibelius. The music matched my technique, with occasional soft and delicate brushstrokes, followed by heavy, quick dabs: Light and dark amid a stormy ambiance. The palette is cold and pale except for her wine-red hair.


La Muerte is glancing over her shoulder, wearing a skull as a mask over her decaying face. Her red hair is wound into a Victorian updo with antlers peeking out. Her complexion matches the skull and horns, with hollow eye sockets gaping, and a ghastly grin of crooked teeth sans lips. Lace dressing is slipping off her shoulder and ends in a curl of blackened veins,  merging into a braid of bright red hair. She floats on a background of light mint.


La Muerte became the embodiment of beauty and delicateness. A requiem of life.



”If I could express the same thing with words as with music, I would of course use a verbal expression.

Music is something autonomous and much richer.

Music begins where the possibilities of language end. That is why I write music.”

– Jean Sibelius