Imagine taking a bite out of an apple only to have sharp bones lodge into your gums: absolute horror.

Maybe in the not-so-distant future, it’s not so fanciful, now that our food is being genetically modified to feed the grossly over-populated globe. Nature will find a way to even the numbers out: soaring temperatures, melting icecaps, erratic and monstrous storms. Perhaps our food will start to turn on us as well. But that seems to be happening already. We have severe gluten intolerances, deadly allergies, diabetes, and heart disease due to our over-consumption of unhealthy food.

And then there is the vegan debate: yay or nay? So many meat lovers detest veggies. I knew a guy who refused to eat his food if any vegetables touched his meat-only plate. Vegans are known to be opinionated, and it annoys meat-eaters much. I’m a closet-vegetarian, which means I enjoy meatless options but I also enjoy a braai once in a while. I know, it is shameful. But is it ethical to eat living things? Every living thing can feel the pain of some sort and have the instinct to survive and be alive—even plants.

We can take it a step further into the realm of fruits and vegetables. What if they had skeletons, nervous systems, or voices to scream with? If carrots cried out, we’d surely not eat them.

I started with Sweet Potato because my sweet potatoes started sprouting and were so beautifully persistent to live. It’s funny how a single thought can develop into something completely different, that’s how I ended up with bones in my drawings. From there I had to do Dragon Fruit, Beetroot and of course Apple. All of them with different types of bones: rib cage, fingers, fish skeleton, and bones scrunched together. I added a hint of colour over the graphite to separate the bones from the image and add a little whimsy to an otherwise macabre idea.

”This is necessary…This is necessary…
Life feeds on life, feeds on life, feeds on life, feeds on”
– Disgustipated