El Cucuy

El Cucuy

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Medium: Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas


Dimensions: 60.96cm x 91.44cm 


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El Cucuy, the bogeyman, the nightmare stag. My painting is loosely based on Spanish folklore and popular culture. The tale of the monster that shape-shifts and creeps out of the shadows at night. It devours the wicked, and protects the meek.


An Acrylic dream-like quality of blurred lines, a muddy palette and an air of whimsy. Each brush stroke is used to evolve into the feeling you get just before you drift off to sleep.


The stag’s ornate horns are black with ashen highlights, with black paint dripping from them. The fur is long and impressionistically painted in earthy hues. It gives the illusion of the stag caught in the rain. Its eyes are abnormally large, glass-like, and filled with anger.


The background is muddy pink and brown strokes with splatter across the surface,reminiscent of a drizzle.


A grunge overlay rounds the entire painting off.