Migraine 3

Migraine 3

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Medium: Graphite Pencil on Paper


Size: A5


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An artistic representation of chronic pain in a series of four illustrations.


After a few eternal hours I’ve finally expelled the nausea. I’ve accepted my fate. The pain is woven so deeply into my head that life before it seems distant and imaginary. Consciousness is difficult to hold onto. Exhaustion overwhelms me and soon I’m falling into a fitful sleep, dreaming about fragments of everything while the pieces of my brain seemingly float around me. 


The first shows the start of a painful migraine where the head, face and neck of a woman is being pierced by various large pins. The second shows the silent acceptance of and the pain exploding through the back of the skull. The third shows a full explosion of pain, scattering shrapnel of skull and hair like a fine mist of confetti. Her head is busy tearing apart at the front. The final is the after-effect, where the head has been stapled together. The hair is a fuzzy mess depicting the feeling of brain-fog.


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