Migraine 4

Migraine 4

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Medium: Graphite Pencil on Paper


Size: A5


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An artistic representation of chronic pain in a series of four illustrations.


I survived this again. The pain has passed and I’m left with a thick slurry of clouds in my head. Everything feels precariously stitched together. It’s difficult to hold onto thoughts and fight though the thick fog. Somewhere there’s still a phantom hammer echoing through the corridors of my head, but I’m okay now at least. 


The first shows the start of a painful migraine where the head, face and neck of a woman is being pierced by various large pins. The second shows the silent acceptance of and the pain exploding through the back of the skull. The third shows a full explosion of pain, scattering shrapnel of skull and hair like a fine mist of confetti. Her head is busy tearing apart at the front. The final is the after-effect, where the head has been stapled together. The hair is a fuzzy mess depicting the feeling of brain-fog.


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