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Medium: Oil Paint on Stretched Box Canvas


Dimensions: 76.2cm x 101.60cm x 7.5cm 


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A hyper realistic oil painting of painfully blistered and disfigured feet En Pointe.


The feet are disproportionately large and elongated in comparison to the legs. They seem to float on the floor, with their reflection visible in the highly polished floor. A pale pink palette gives a feminine feeling to the feet, leaving the fragile skin almost translucent as it blends into the surrounding wall. The feet are covered in plasters, popping veins, old scars, cuts and blood blisters. The toes are blackened with dark shadows and the toenails are pushed back deeply around the malformed toes.


It is a combination of elegance and defiance: fragility and persistence.


The background is a blue-grey wall, littered with soft pink blood splatter and a glossy floor.