The Infernal Lucanus

The Infernal Lucanus

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Medium: Graphite Pencil on Stretched Canvas


Dimensions: 76.20cm x 101.60cm


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A Stag Beetle (Lucanidae) carries a secret world of darkness and eternal suffering on its back. My drawing is based on Dante Alighieri ‘s Inferno, the first part of his epic poem, The Divine Comedy.


In Inferno, Dante is lead by the poet Virgil through the 9 circles of hell in search of his beloved Beatrice and encounters fantastical horrors during his journey.


We view these circles from above in a maze of confusion that draws the eye closer to the centre.


The 3-headed Cerberus guards the proverbial Gate of Hell in the shape of a winged skeleton. The Stag Beetle’s shell crumbles away in city-like structures to reveal the 9 spheres of hell.


Suspended above its head are the words ”Lasciate Ogne Speranza Voi Chi’intrate”. (Abandon all hope ye who enter here).