Violín Del Diablo

Violín Del Diablo

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Medium: Graphite Pencil on Paper
Size: A2


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A graphite drawing of a pair arms playing the violin, but with a macabre twist. The bow is carved out of bone and is played by a floating hand directly onto the one arm, leaving three deep scratches that bleed down the arm in the shape of violin strings. F-holes are tattooed onto the arm. Both the arm and the hand are burnt at the top as if eaten away by an acidic substance. The hand starts to shrink in size, whilst blood drips down like water.

The drawing reflects the incompleteness of the music, starting with definite lines and dark shading that fades into a light afterthought. This violin can only be played once: The cuts symbolize how time runs out from the moment we are born to our last breath. Life is a precious song that we play and once it’s done, there’s no replay.

The background is bare.