Yggdrasil Painting

Yggdrasil Painting

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Mediums: Oil Paint and Ink on Stretched Canvas


Dimensions: 50.8cm x 76.2cm 



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A high-contrasted oil and ink painting of a single hand reaching up. The fingers are shaded darkly compared to the rest of the arm and desaturated with oft hints of colour.


The hand is fully developed at the fingers, but starts fading into branches made of black ink. Fine tree branches sprout from the hand and shoot out the fingers like static electricity. The arm consists only of dusty pink veins in the shape of a hollow tube. Where the veins meet the palm, it merges with the tree branches around a thick trunk.


Each tree branch and vein bends individually to form a mass that is the formation of life.


The background is a light cool grey circle around the hand.