“The sound of colours is so definite that it would be hard to find anyone who would express bright yellow with bass notes or dark  lake with treble”

 – Wassily Kandinsky

Si-nis-tee-see what? It is the production of a sense impression relating to one sense by stimulation of another sense. Everything has a colour, a sound, aroma or taste. Now imagine combining them with other senses. For instance: The colour turquoise. How would it taste or smell? The number 3. How would it sound or what colour will it be?

These are all examples of a rare neurological ”condition” called Synesthesia. It wouldn’t be correct to call it a condition, because those of us who have it are mostly content and wouldn’t want to be rid of it. It allows you to see the world in an unusual way. Music becomes extraordinary, and the days of the week become pictures around you. It is more than just imagination. You perceive the world in a certain way. It is said to affect mostly left-handed people as well as artistic or musically inclined people.

I’m fortunate to have a variation of Synesthesia. My brain is wired differently, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I think in colour, shapes, pictures and sounds. Ordinary objects appear unusual in my mind, surrounded by various shades of light and dark auras, sometimes fluid, other times stable. I associate people with particular hues, and I see the most spectacular shapes in music. This is called Chromesthesia.

Sadly it fades away when I’m deeply depressed, and my thoughts become very desaturated. Even music looks black or grey. But once my spirits lift, the colours return like a gradient, and even more spectacularly than before.

Days of the week run in an elliptical 3D space around me, with me standing inside, slightly more towards Monday, looking out over the rest of the week. They are a dusty-peach shade in a dark-sepia space.

Months have me standing in front of the current month, looking out in an elliptical band over the rest of the year. The same colours apply. In both instances, I don’t see the names in front of me, but intuitively know which is which. They all vary slightly in lightness or darkness, and this is Spatial Sequence Synesthesia.

I can’t taste words or numbers, but sometimes words have crispiness or liquidity to them. Unfortunately, I’m ”numerically impaired”, which means all numbers are a jumble to me and even memorizing something as simple as a phone number is a tedious struggle. And for some inexplicable reason, I find the number 5 red and very unpleasant. I prefer 3, a much calmer sky blue. I’m quite content sitting in my aurora of brilliant sounds and visuals.

See these streams of colour. They threatened it’s too magical. That you still need to grow.

The sooner we enter, The sooner we’ll blend.

Ease into another endless abyss.

– Paint the Seconds