Goats are remarkable creatures that sometimes seem to defy gravity by impossibly hanging onto a cliff. (do yourself a favour and look at the Spidergoat Meme) Mystery and inauspiciousness surround them. They’ve been depicted as malignant spirits in film, literature and art. They’ve been revered in the occult. But most of all, they are spectacular beasts. Their horns are magnificent and sometimes elaborately coiled.

Under the musical influence of Mastodon, a sudden thought occurred to me: I should draw a goat. Not just any goat, a hybrid, with curled horns and extra eyes. A mutated beast, battle-worn.

I’ve kept the hair short, except for the beard, which is straight and grass-like. The eyes are contemplative and flanked by glassy bird eyes. Its expression is sullen, as with all my portraits. The neck melts into a wax-like state and hangs in space. While I was drawing, I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for the creature. It seems miserably lost in thought. It seems to be thinking about its mortality; or the mortality of its species.

The extinction of wild animals is also an undercurrent in my depiction of The Multi-Eyed Goat. Hence the wax slowly melting away like the polar icecaps. I’ve seen a profound and sobering meme titled “We Call it The Fence”, about our impact on nature. The image shows green earth, with a small fenced off area to keep the wild animals away from humans. Over time the image changed as the fenced-off area increased and deforestation confined the animals to a tiny fenced-off area to keep them safe from humans. (I’ve tried tracking down the original creator due to copyright constrictions, but I was unsuccessful) Humans are multiplying at breakneck speed while resources are dwindling and thousands of animal species are at the brink of extinction. We’re lighting the fire and burning nature away like a candle.

”If you can’t get it / I can’t get it / fly / soul is single / wind beneath us /

I can’t take it / if you can’t take it / fly / soul is single / wind beneath us/

Shades of sixteen / you’re with me / shades of sixteen / remember.”